Teaching and Learning - Library and Literature


Monday 3/4 A

Tuesday P/1 A AND P/1 W

Wednesday 2/3 J AND 2/3 E

Thursday 4/5M AND 5/6 W

Overdue notices will be issued at the end of each term.

The library is open before school for any student who wishes to return a book. Just leave it on the desk!

Happy reading, Mrs. Lyon



P/1A & P/1W

This term our Prep and One students will read and share a wide selection of quality literature, written by Mem Fox and Pamela Allen. We will explore how both authors use different styles to tell their stories. Our follow up activities are predominantly art based and will use a variety of mediums. Students are encouraged to borrow two to three books a week to read and share at home. Please support your child by prompting them to return library books each week.

2/3J & 2/3E

Geronimo Stilton is a popular series of books, written to engage emergent readers. The author explores many different fonts and illustrations that appeal to all students, as a way of telling his stories. This term we will read from this series and explore how we can tell a story as Geronimo does. We will be writing “Who am I’s?” to expand our descriptive writing skills and using storyboards to write and illustrate our own stories. Our goal is to read and share (with a partner if required) at least one book from the series.


As we begin our new serial, our focus is the importance of illustrations and how ‘every picture tells a story’. Chris Riddell is a popular author and illustrator, and his illustrations are most impressive. Students will be given the opportunity to study his style and make a story board of their own, developing their own story and style of illustration.


As we conclude our study of author and illustrator Chris Riddell, students will be asked to produce their own story and accompanying illustrations. We then move on to writing our own book to review. There will be a variety of responses to choose from, for the students to showcase their book.


This term students have the opportunity to showcase an author, a novel or series of novels that they have read. Students are responsible for choosing a variety of activities that reflect their understandings and appreciations of their chosen topic. At the end of the unit, students are given the opportunity to showcase their show bag to other classes.