Teaching and Learning - Prep (Foundation)/1

Weather Watch 

 The P/1 students are very excited to commence the Garden 2 Table programme this term.  Already the students have learnt how to set a table and make a cup of tea.  In their first garden experience, the students either made worm farms or a broad bean climber.  The Garden 2 Table programme is planned to provide the students with a series of first hand experiences, such as, preparing fresh ingredients, some freshly grown in our garden, and making and tasting simply prepared foods. We are very grateful for the expertise and support of Mrs. Nolan and Max throughout this programme.

During this programme, the students are learning to:

  • Safely use tools and equipment in the kitchen and garden when cutting, grating, digging etc.

  • Explore how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating.

  • Take turns and cooperatively work in groups.

  • Explore and compare the differences between home grown produce and processed foods

  • Use their senses when working in the garden and exploring new foods.

  • Identify sustainable ways to reduce and utilise waste e.g. making worm farms, composting, and using locally grown produce where available.

  • Developing responsibility for an area of the school gardens and living things.

In English, much of the students reading and writing experiences will revolve around the Garden 2 Table programme.  They will learn how to recognise and write their own procedural texts, using the basic features of a title or heading, a goal e.g. How to plant a seed, materials (What you need), and the steps (What to do), using pictures, labels and short sentences.  They will also explore the different verbs when writing the steps e.g. put, cut, add, dig.

Following on from this, the students will explore rhythm and rhyme in poetry, songs and other texts.   It is very important that children can identify and generate rhyming words e.g. cat, bat, mat; pick, stick, trick.  The students will experiment with different types of poems, e.g. sensory poems and three line poems.  The sensory experiences of gardening and cooking will be incorporated in their poetry reading and writing.

The prep students will continue to explore a letter/sound of the week and practise writing these letters with correct formation.  The year one students will commence a personal spelling programme and continue their focus on correct formation and placement when handwriting.  When reading, students will use strategies, such as, sounding out and chunking, reading on and re-reading, and checking if what they are reading makes sense to decipher unknown texts.  Regular (daily) reading at home and school ensures that students have opportunities to practise reading for fluency.

In Mathematics, the number focus for this term is on multiplication, division and fractions.  These concepts will also be integrated into our Garden 2 Table inquiry e.g. cutting fruit/sandwiches into halves or quarters, sharing out items e.g. food, seeds, equally, and solving multiplication problems e.g. There are 3 rows of 4 lettuce growing in the garden.  How many lettuce are growing altogether? Next week, the prep students celebrate their 100th day at school with a special day of activities around the number 100.

The Measurement focus will be on using materials, such as, square counters, to measure the area of objects e.g. How many square counters does it take to cover the area of a book? The students will also explore the mass of objects using uniform informal objects, e.g. measuring the mass of a potato using 2cm cube blocks.  Capacity will be explored as students play with water and containers of various capacity and measure quantities when cooking in Garden 2 Table programme e.g. a cup of milk.



 Italian classes have started for the P/1 students each Tuesday this term. We are very excited to be involved in a Flipped Virtual Classroom with our Italian teacher, Mrs. Renita Michelein. We will be learning about the Italian flag and how to greet each other in Italian.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

On Wednesday and Friday mornings, students participate in 25 minutes of our PMP. This involves students rotating through five activities to develop coordination and gross motor skills. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who help us during the sessions. We appreciate any assistance, even on a casual basis. Toddlers are welcome.