Teaching and Learning - Prep (Foundation)/1

Welcome to Term 1!

It has been a huge start to the year in the Prep/1 area. The Preps have settled into school absolutely brilliantly and the Grade 1s have been so impressive with how enthusiastic they have been to get into their work.

In English, we are looking at using the picture to read a story, making predictions and sounding out words. The Preps will be studying a letter a week to help to develop their phonemic knowledge. In writing, we will be looking at forming grammatically correct sentences and writing high frequency words. All students will be undertaking twice weekly handwriting lessons to help them form both the upper and lower case letters correctly.

In Maths, it is all about counting and number recognition. We will be counting forwards and backwards, the grade 1s will also be looking at some simple skip counting. Students will also study how to displays numbers in different ways e.g. digits, words and pictures. Another focus in Maths will be making graphs of simple data sets e.g how many people have a birthday in each month.

The Inquiry topic for Term 1 is looking at the students place within the school and the community. We will be looking at rules and the need to have them. We will also be looking at who are the people that we know that can look after us and keep us safe.

A few housekeeping issues:

·  Students need to bring their blue reader bag and clear plastic folder to school every day. The clear plastic folder is for any correspondence that needs to be sent home with the child.

·   Please log onto the app Seesaw. This is an online portfolio that shows your child work at school. The feedback we have received already from parents has been absolutely fantastic and we thank the parents who are already registered and are ‘liking’ and commenting on their child’s work.

·   Each class has an art smock tub, so can students please bring in a clearly labelled art smock to wear during art classes.

·   We are always looking for parent helpers for PMP sessions on a Friday morning, they run from 9:00am to 10:00am in the Multi-Purpose Room

Finally a big thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped make the start to the year such a relaxed an enjoyable one. The students are coming into school every morning enthusiastic, calm and prepared for their days learning.

As always if you have any questions, queries or concerns please come in and see us.


Andrew and Natalie