Teaching and Learning - 4/5/6

Term 3 is going to be a busy time in the three Senior classes.

Our Inquiry topic for the term is indigenous cultures of the world. We will be studying some of the unique characteristics of these cultures. We will be looking at whether these cultures are still surviving or whether colonisation has had a negative impact on these groups of people. The students will complete a small inquiry project later in the term. It will be smaller than the project they completed during Term 2. We will send out more details later in the term.

The Wednesday afternoon applied maths sessions will continue during this term. For those who are unaware what these lessons are about, we mix the three grades up into multi-age groups. The teachers will then run a lesson in a maths topic that is not from the number part of maths. These lessons could be about measurement, time, location and direction etc.

The Friday funtations will continue this term, they have however been slightly changed. The sessions will run for the middle two hours on a Friday. The topics for the classes this term will be: 1. ICT- coding 2. Media Arts 3. Drama 4. Music and Dance The students will complete a four week block in each of the four topics. Funtations will begin in week 2 and run for the rest of the term.

In English, we will be studying a variety of different authors. We will look at recurring themes, characters or text features that an author has in their books. We will studying figurative language such as similes and metaphors. The writing focus for the term in procedural texts.

In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division as our number focus. We encourage parents to buy a times table chart and put it somewhere in the house so that your child can regularly look at it (the back of the toilet door is always a winner). The non-number focus will be measurement. This will involve looking at mass, capacity, area, perimeter and time. 

Camps are coming closer and closer. The 5/6 students have already received information about their urban camp to Melbourne, we encourage you to continue making payments. The Grade 3 and 4 students will be receiving their camp information and amount to be paid in the upcoming weeks.

The students Seesaw portfolios are starting to get full with heaps of work that they have completed throughout the year. If you have not already signed up to Seesaw, we ask that you do it ASAP, as it is a valuable tool to pass on information about what your child is doing at school.