Teaching and Learning - 3/4


Year 3/4

We have had a fabulous start to our year in the Year 3/4 rooms. Our students have quickly settled in to the new routines and expectations of the middle school.  We are exploring our personal character strengths that help us to be hard working students.  We will be setting goals to work towards and identify steps and strategies to help us achieve success. We have a focus on using P.E.C.A.N. to improve our presentation and organisation of all our work.


  • Pride
  • Effort
  • Care
  • Attention to Detail
  • Neatness





In Maths, we are learning all about the importance of place value in numbers. We will be using our devices to help us explore and practise our work with numbers.




In our writing tasks we are focusing on correct use of punctuation, and grammar to create clear ideas.  We will be exploring more writing strategies to assist us in the writing process.


Reading is an important part of each day both at school and at home. We are establishing good reading habits using a range of strategies to help us gain meaning from text.