Teaching and Learning - 4/5/6

Well we have made it to the final term of 2017 and what a busy and exciting term it will be. The Blu Guru Bollywood performance week was a big hit and a fabulous way to develop performance skills in story-telling with movement and dance. It also linked in with our You Can Do It key of Confidence.  Our students will further investigate the value of developing confidence and it’s positive impacts on personal learning and in social situations.



Next week the year 3/4 ‘s  will be setting off on the adventure of Toolangi Camp.  This is another opportunity to practice the skills of confidence in trying new things that push students to branch out of their comfort zone, in safe and controlled situations.  Students will participate in many physical tasks as well as team building and problem solving activities.


In the area of English, we will be completing series of lessons that focus on various comprehension skills during independent reading sessions, such as the important role of predicting and questioning when reading. In Writing, we look forward to implementing processes that support and improve all students writing achievements, as facilitated by our Writing Consultant, Ann Angelopoulos. We have already begun working on creating fun, fabulous and frivolous alliterations along with other writing devices to create entertaining and descriptive written work.


Maths will involve a range of games to practice and build number fluency, as well as real world challenges and explicit teaching of mathematical strategies to suit individual needs and strengths. Some specific areas to be investigated and developed are in money, decimals, division and fractions as well as angles & shape.



Our inquiry unit is titled, ‘Heroes and Villains’.  Students will be investigating many admirable and despicable personalities in history and current times. We hope students will come to identify qualities and characteristics that makes someone either a hero, villain or simply a talented or successful person.