Teaching and Learning - 2/3


Grade 2/3 J & E This term we are focusing on reciprocal reading to develop the student’s fluency and expression. Some of the comprehension skills we will be focusing on will be making predictions, summarising the text, visualising and sensing, questioning, using prior knowledge, making connections and comparing and contrasting. 

Our writing foci this term is poetry and procedural writing. We will be exploring many different forms of poetry such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, acrostic, shape, rhyming and free verse. Students will be building on their prior knowledge to further develop their skills on how to write a procedure. In speaking and listening, we are focusing on using appropriate volume when we are speaking to the class, in a small group and to an individual. We will also be focusing on respectful listening.

Spelling activities will have a strong emphasis on high frequency words. Students will develop an understanding on syllables, compound words and silent letters.

Concepts covered in maths this term will be multiplication, division, fractions, number work, area, capacity and data sets. We will also be focusing on automatic response to number facts and student’s problem solving skills.

The term three Inquiry unit is wonders of the world, we will be focusing on the modern wonders of the world. We will be comparing the differences between the ancient and the modern wonders of the world.

This term instead of Garden 2 Table students from 2-6 will be involved in Funtations on a Friday between recess and lunch. After four weeks’ students will rotate and participate in a different curriculum area. Curriculum areas covered will be: ICT- coding, Digital Media, Music, Dance and Drama.

Students will be given regular homework but it is expected that students read at home daily for 20 minutes.