Teaching and Learning - 2

Welcome back to the 25 students (and their families) in 02W with a special welcome to Patrick and Caleb, new students to LPS. 

Last week was spent getting to know each other, organising our new workbooks, adjusting to the new bell times, and establishing procedures, agreements and routines i.e. getting organised J  



During our Inquiry topic this term, “Growing Older and Wiser”, students will learn about staying safe and taking responsible risks, healthy food, expressing their emotions clearly, and dealing with conflict. They will consider how they have changed in their life and reflect on the things that they will be able to do in the future.  This is because by understanding how we grow and change we can help ourselves to be the best we that we can be.  Commencing week 4, students will participate in the Garden 2 Table programme to further enrich this unit.



In Reading, we have brainstormed what good readers do and are learning to sustain our independent reading for 10 minutes.  All students will have their own box of “both teacher and child selected just right” books to read during this time.  Reading time may also consist of reading with a partner, participating in a small guided reading group with the teacher or independent small group activities, and sharing big books and other texts together.  Students will be recalling facts and details from texts and learning to identify fact from opinion.


In Writing, students are learning to provide details about ideas or events when writing recounts of personal experiences or texts.  This involves going beyond including the “who”, “what doing”, “when”, “where” and “what” in sentences, to using “what like” (adjectives) and writing traits such as the “power of three” and the five senses.  Students have a special “Writer’s Notebook” to use just for writing.  Students will begin to edit their writing by re-reading and checking that their writing makes sense.  We are using the THRASS chart to refer to when spelling.  Students will participate in regular handwriting and spelling tasks.



In Mathematics, we are investigating the concept that “Maths is everywhere!” and how much we use Maths in our daily lives.  We’ve also been exploring how special the number 24 is (number of students in our class) when making equal groups (before we became 25!)  We are commencing with a counting focus.  Most students are very familiar with counting by 2s, 5s and 10s from zero, so we are now learning to count by 10s and 5s from non-zero starting points and will also use other counting patterns such as counting by 3s.  Students will use number lines, calculators, number charts and materials to represent counting patterns, and refer to number patterns in real life e.g. on the clock.  Students will also use spatial objects to create, represent and interpret patterns.  We have begun counting the number of days we have been at school and will continue counting past 100 as we begin to explore the place value system to 999.


In Measurement and Data, students will collect, record and interpret data using tally charts and bar graphs.  They will compare and order several shapes and objects based on length using appropriate uniform units e.g. measuring the length of their body using Unifix counters.



Library –

Wednesday with Mrs. Dimech


Physical Education (P.E.) -

Wednesday with Mrs. Dimech


Visual Arts –

Thursday with Mrs. Welsh


Performing Arts (Music) –

Thursday with Mrs. Hood


Looking forwards to a fabulous year together.