Teaching and Learning - 2/3

 Grade 2/3 J & E This term we are focusing on developing students fluency and expression. Some of the comprehension skills we will be focusing on will be making sequencing, identifying detail, fact and opinion, questioning, main idea and cause and effect.


Our writing foci this term is narratives and biographies. We will be exploringthe features of a narrative and introducing paragraphs. Students will be building on their prior knowledge to further develop their skills on how to write a narrative. In speaking and listening, we are focusing on using appropriate volume when we are speaking to the class, in a small group and to an individual. We will also be focusing on respectful listening.

Spelling activities will have a strong emphasis on high frequency words and using the Targeting Spelling program.


Concepts covered in maths this term will be measurement focusing on length, money, number patterns, number focusing on place value, addition, multiplication and problems solving. We will also be focusing on automatic response to number facts.


The term four Inquiry unit is “Where in the world?” We will be focusing on Victoria as a state. The students will identify landmarks, events, people and other important aspects that they would like to learn about associated with Victoria. We have already begun to walk around the Macedon Ranges each morning. During maths we are tallying up how many laps we have walked around the oval to determine how many kilometers we will walk on a map of the Macedon Ranges. At the rate we are going, we will end up walking around Victoria!!



We are keeping a record of students walking to school as part of Walk to School month. We are encouraging all students to take part.