Parent Information - Principal's Message

To all our families at Lancefield Primary School, I extend a warm welcome and thank you for your continued support of our wonderful school.

At Lancefield Primary, we work in partnership with parents and caregivers and acknowledge that the important relationships between yourselves, students and teachers are the key to your child reaching their full potential.

We encourage a solid partnership between school and home. This is reinforced by clear and consistent communication that flows in both directions. 

We have a strong focus on teamwork at LPS with all teachers collaborating to plan and teach together, taking collective responsibility for all students at our school. We have a strong focus on continual improvement and self and team reflection.

Our daily aim is to support, extend and challenge all individual students learning and personal growth and to create a happy and safe learning environment that nurtures your child and their particular needs. Teacher's at LPS focus on developing each child's independence, confidence, initiative and social responsibility. As parents and caregivers it is important that you feel welcome and valued at our school. We hope that you are able to form a strong partnership with your children's teachers over the years built on respect and trust. Your children will flourish if the most important adults in their lives are working together to support them.

We have a strong focus on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills and understandings. This is achieved through offering a broad range of curriculum and programs including science, history, geography, visual arts, physical education, digital technologies and through our garden to table program.

At Lancefield Primary School we pride ourselves on the connections and support we have from the wider Lancefield and Macedon ranges community. We encourage the participation and involvement of community groups and parents as we firmly believe that these connections play a vital role in the growth of our students and our school community.

Enjoy every moment of your child's primary education; it's a fantastic time in your life and the life of your child.

Jo Emond