Student Opportunities - School Captains

Hi, I'm Clair your school captain for 2017. I have attended Lancefield Primary since prep in 2011. I have lived in Lancefield my whole life and am the 5th generation to attend Lancefield Primary, that means my dad, pop, great grandfather and great great grandfather also went to school here. My younger sister Sarah also attends LPS in 34A. I love attending school, I like reading, maths and love art and technbology. I am really happy we are going to be part of the school kitchen garden program. I have previously been a member of the green team and kids council and I would encourage all students to get involved. I have represented our school as a member of:lunch time and audition choir, Wakarirri, School sports, helping out at working bees, as well as at the Farmer's Market cake stall. I play netball and tennis outside of school and hope to represent the school playing volleyball this year. I believe our school gives everyone the opportunity to be their best. I'm proud to go to Lancefield Primary School...

Hi I'm Oscar, and I'm one of your School Captains for 2017. I hope to achieve the following this year with your help:

Build a bike shed

Build a ga-ga pit

Host a Colour Run

Get some Art work on the back of the down-ball court wall, (For this I would like ideas form all of you (students)

All these will cost quite a bit so I hope you can all help out with fundraisers,

Thank you, Oscar Vice-Captain


Hi I'm Jackson, and I'm vice captain of our school. I'm hoping to make this school a better place by encouraging kids to pick up rubbish and I'm also going to help the teachers and Ms Emond in the day to day running of the school. I'

Sport's Captains:

Hi my name is GabbyAnn and I'm going to tell you why I like doing sport because it's fun to work as a team and encourage people to try and don't give up easily. Also I will help out a lot around the school. Thank you

Hi, my name is Blair, I am your 2017 sports captain. I love my sports and my favourite sport is football. I have been playing football since I was 8. I have three sisters and live on a farm. I enjoy many sports. I also play tennis and little Athletics for Lancefield. I have been coming to this school since Prep and looking forward to end this year with a happy smile.

Hi, I'm Corey, I am one of the Sport Captains for this year. As Sport's Captain I hope to participate in as many sports as I can and lead others that also enjoy going to sporting events. I am looking forward to helping with our House sports this year and working with the House Captains and teachers to organise school events. I am a member of Lancefield Tennis Club and play footy for Lancefield. Also I want to encourage other kids to become involved in the local community sports as I know that team sports are fun, keep you fit and healthy and help you make new friends.