LPS Point of Difference - Garden to Table

2017 has seen the establishment of a Garden 2 Table program at Lancefield Primary School. 

This a rich and engaging program  will provide a range of social/emotional and educational benefits to all of our students. Our canteen has been transformed into a wonderful country kitchen  to accommodate weekly cooking classes with two classes per term. The already established vegetable garden beds are being improved and added to. We are extending our compost and creating a garden workshop area. Further small garden beds for herbs are placed in close proximity to the kitchen area. 


Research presented by the Royal Horticultural Society UK and National Foundation for Educational Research found the following was true of students introduced to a kitchen garden school program:

  • Improved children’s readiness to learn
  • Encouraged children to take greater control of their own learning and become more active in seeking knowledge and solving problems
  • Boost self-esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Teach the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs.
  • Improve concentration by providing a calm space to learn.
  • Encouraged healthy eating so children are fitter and more active participants in everything from lessons to sport
  • Promoted responsible behaviour in dangerous situations;
  • Prepared children for rapid changes in today’s skills-based jobs market by encouraging them to be more flexible and entrepreneurial thinkers
  • Enhanced children’s social skills as they mix with the wide range of people needed to ensure gardening projects succeed
  • Increased awareness of a child’s role and responsibilities in the wider community


Our program involves (but is not limited to) students:

  • Learning about seasonal planting and looking after vegetables as they grow
  • Preparing garden beds and maintaining them/composting
  • Learning about the various uses of produce grown
  • Being responsible for the school chickens/collecting eggs/cleaning chook pen etc
  • Learning how to safely work with a range of garden tools and how to properly look after  tools and equipment
  • Working with a variety of community members to improve the gardens and participate in wider Lancefield community gardening projects
  • Focus on sustainability and how their actions can directly affect future generations
  • Creating garden art during the colder months to add to the aesthetic appeal of the gardens at LPS and the Neighbourhood House area