LPS Point of Difference - You Can Do It

 We are proud to be implementing the You Can Do It is a mental health/social and emotional awareness program starting 2017 . YCDI principles and programs are employed in thousands of schools across the United Kingdom, The United States, Australia and New Zealand. 


The five keys or foundations and 12 habits of the mind of the YCDI program are -

 Getting Along

  • Being tolerant of others
  • Playing by the rules
  • Thinking first
  • Social responsibility


  • Setting goals
  • Planning my time


·  I can do it!

·  Giving effort

·  Working tough


·  Its not as bad as you think

·  I can stand it

·  Accepting myself

·  Taking risks

·  Being independent

·         I can do it


·         Accepting myself

·         Taking risks

·         Being independent

·         I can do it

At LPS we believe that the core principles of social and emotional development are as follows:

Social and emotional competence develops as children mature.

Social and emotional capabilities of children are intimately related to their achievement, social and emotional wellbeing and physical health and fitness.

Delays in children’s social and emotional development have serious implications for achievement and mental and physical health.

Social and Emotional development including the acquisition of social and emotional skills can be accelerated through a variety of learning experiences that we gear to children’s cognitive and social and emotional maturity.