Curriculum - Numeracy

At Lancefield Primary School, we support students to develop the ability and disposition to use and interpret mathematical concepts, skills and representations fluently and critically so that they can operate successfully and purposefully in everyday contexts.

The knowledge and skills that underpin numeracy are explicitly taught using the new Victorian Curriculum’s Mathematics strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. 

Numeracy is reinforced and further exemplified in and across other areas of the curriculum. Teachers plan collaboratively and use a rich range of purposeful tasks.

There is an emphasis on continuous monitoring and assessment of students.

The structured classroom program includes a daily one-hour numeracy block that begins with a warm up, whole group explicit teaching focus, individual and small group investigations and concludes with a whole class reflection and celebration of learning. Students are given opportunities to express their mathematical reasoning.

Every student is provided with a Mathletics username and password so that they can practise and develop fluency with number concepts at home.


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